What National Day Is On Your Birthday




“May 16 is … Wear Purple For Peace Day “

October 6 is … German-American Day and Come and Take It Day


May 16th is what. Gdi.

Fuck you, purple’s great. I’ll find you a purple muted something. 


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    January 30- Escape Day …
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    August thirtieth is national toasted marshmellow day. Well. Great.
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    September 26 …..National Pancake Day! FUCK YEAH!
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    January 23…. National handwriting day, and national pie day…… Well, ok.
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    August 12.. National Middle Child’s Day Well that’s bullshit
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    National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day…. :3 :D
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    May 7th is National Roast Leg of Lamb Day >:D
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    July 13 - National French Fry Day! Woo Hoo!
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    Feb 27: National Chocolate Cake day….. But I dunt like chocolate cake ;___;
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    National Peanut Brittle Day. And National Pistachio Day. Apparently. FUN. Though I do like peanut brittle. (noms)
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    21 of December… National… Sex day..? What? Okay.
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    I guess you’re right. It could be worse, huh?
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    Fuck you, purple’s great. I’ll find you a purple muted something. MINE’S SQUARE DANCE DAY. JFC GDI
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    International Polar Bear Day. :)
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    Gunpowder Day, that is Guy Fawkes Day. Love my B-day
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    Hot and Spicy Food International Day and National Nothing Day National Nothing Day…
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    Christian Feast Day…. Hoooplah!
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    Veteran’s Day.
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    International No diet day! hahaha like I was going to anyway…
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    I already knew that May 4th is INTERNATIONAL STAR WARS DAY!
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    September 14 is … National Cream-filled Donut Day Awwww yeeeaaaah
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    The link’s broken, so I looked around on the internet. So June 9th is either Donald Duck Day… Or National Sex Day...
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    October 19th is Armilustrium, the holiday of the Roman Empire where festivals were held to honor the god of war. l3 Hell...
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    national chocolate puding day! YES! my next birthday cake will now involve it, to celebrate!!! *happy flailing*
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    Easter |3 *trololol there’s something weird about that*
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    January 13 National Peach Melba Day TOTALLY OKAY WITH THIS
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    Pack Rat Day O.O
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    Festival For The Souls Of Dead Whales WHAT.
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    fire day yes yes
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    National Beheading Day OK
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    September 13th… National Peanut Day? :O Okay then…
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    August 21 is … National Spumoni Day
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    May 14 is … National Dance Like A Chicken Day I can get into that